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by doing it
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others do it
your partners
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Getting started is hard: Shifting top-talent to a new project, reprioritizing and stopping the fire-fighting are three examples. Here at Practical, we can provide you with the best talent to help you update, scale, and get going quickly.

We are a premium consultancy and dev shop firm with state-of-the-art techniques that provide services to companies big or small. We employ tech gurus that can offer an on-demand end-to-end CTO and development service with an eye for process excellence.

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Practical Software

How can you facilitate a fast and effective consultancy plan explicitly tailored to your company’s needs?

Many CTO’s, VP Product’s, R&D Directors, and HR Managers struggle today to find new ways to put adaptation into practice. The pace of change is constantly increasing. A lot of our customers seek our service when they run into a wall in their efforts to scale and re-organize their operation. 

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Practical Agile

When You Know What Agile and Agility are, and you know you want much more!

We live, eat, and breathe Agile: and we can do the same for you.

Let’s say you are looking for new innovative ways to improve your company’s agility. You are looking for a consultant with fresh eyes and years of experience who can guide you to the next level.

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Only premium professional

We accept only highly experienced, multi-skilled, trustworthy members to our team

Partnership based on transparency

We go out of our way to share reality based on facts

Trust based relationship

We value the long term bond with our clients


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