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How can you facilitate a fast and effective consultancy plan explicitly tailored to your company’s needs?

Many CTO’s, VP Product’s, R&D Directors, and HR Managers struggle today to find new ways to put adaptation into practice. The pace of change is constantly increasing. A lot of our customers seek our service when they run into a wall in their efforts to scale and re-organize their operation. There is a lot in the pipeline, and they can’t implement and streamline the changes they want without hurting their bottom line. We are there to give an out of the box boost to your workforce, helping you maneuver and adapt to any changes and tasks you need. Our developers are proficient in creating premium, high-standard software.

Our team of experts will provide you with a company scan for your design, architecture, methodology, and overall workforce performance. We then create an end-to-end company development strategy for you. We can provide technical and practical state-of-the-art development training for your workforce on an exceptional level.

Our team of experts are fast learners to an outstanding degree. With decades of experience in embedded, on-prem, cloud, backend and frontend in numerous tech-stacks, we can quickly become an extension to your existing workforce.

As the agile manifesto goes, we love doing it, and helping others do it. Our team of experts can happily provide training on becoming top notch software crafts-persons.

Practical Software is a premium software development company that specializes in building high-quality software development implementation.

We do this by leading uniquely talented teams using the most advanced engineering practices and software development principles.

We believe that low-quality products are much more expensive than low budget dev teams. Hence, we do not compromise. We build teams of  only top-notch developers without using any low-cost outsourcing.

As product development experts, we know that real customer value is of vital importance to you – our client. We achieve that by striving to become a seamless extension for our customers; by being transparent and responsive and encouraging changes throughout the process. The outcome is high-impact software deliverables quickly and frequently.

That means maximizing business value for our client’s competitive advantage!