Advanced Agile
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1 day

Advanced Agile
training and courses

Agile Knowledge Management

 1 day

Agile Knowledge Management


Successful agile teams require frequent and dependable sharing of knowledge among teammates and between teams. This is usually easier said than done. Our age is characterized by a conflict between ever more specialized work and a growing need for collaboration. This calls for novel ways for creating, sharing and preserving knowledge in organizations and teams.


In this one day workshop participants will:

  • Learn why we are experiencing challenges with sharing and creating knowledge
  • Learn and exercise frameworks and practices for Agile Knowledge Management
  • Create a personal or team knowledge management action plan  


Target Audience

Experienced leaders, interested in improving knowledge creation and sharing in and among teams, for example:
Group Managers, Program Managers, Product Managers, Agile Coaches


Workshop Outline

  • The knowledge problem: Why are the knowledge challenges growing?
  • Complex Adaptive Systems: Understanding the knowledge domain we live in
  • The Knowledge Creating Organization: The knowledge practices that the West neglects
  • Leadership patterns for knowledge generation and sharing
  • Team practices for amplifying knowledge creation and sharing
    • Experiment Canvas
    • POPCORN Flow
    • Pairing patterns


Examples for common challenges that the workshop can help with:

  • How to reduce knowledge silos kept with specific individuals?
  • Reducing knowledge loss in and across teams
  • Increasing teams’ agility through knowledge redundancy
  • Improving teams’ ability to learn new domains & technologies 


Learning Outcomes

  • The paradigm shift in knowledge creation
  • The paradigm shift towards acting in complex adaptive systems
  • Practices to enhance knowledge creation and sharing 




This is a general syllabus and in case of an in-house training, it is possible to make the necessary adjustments to make it more appropriate for your organization’s specific needs.