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1 day

Agile Engineering
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Building serverless applications with AWS Lambda

1 day

Building serverless applications with AWS Lambda

This workshop will cover all you need to start working with AWS Lambda. We will cover creation and deployment of event-driven functions in the Amazon cloud. We will learn what makes a serverless application and the design concern and what you need to consider in order to create fault-tolerant, highly available serverless applications.

The workshop will include several AWS services including S3, API gateway, AWS Lambda and step functions. I will use Python in my examples but they can be written using other programming languages (Java, Go, Node.js and C# to name a few)



  • Part 1: Introduction to AWS Lambda
    • Why and when to use AWS Lambda
    • Access management using IAM 101 – Roles and Policies
    • Lambda Function overview
    • Creating AWS Lambda functions using AWS Console


  • Part 2: Creating serverless applications
    • Designing event-based architecture
    • Using Event sources and passing information to Lambda functions
    • Using different AWS services with AWS Lambda


  • Part 3: AWS SAM
    • Downloading and installing AWS SAM
    • Using the serverless module
    • Deploy serverless applications using SAM
    • Running Lambda functions locally


  • Part 4: Step functions
    • Defining steps using ASL
    • State types
    • Creating and running workflows



The main objective of this workshop is to introduce participants to AWS Lambda functions beyond the trivial examples and to explain how they can be used to create event-driven applications.


Target Audience

The target audience include anyone who wants to learn about FaaS (function as a service) and how to create applications using AWS Lambda, attendees should have technical background and should be able to read/write code.


Technical requirements

Describe how exactly workshop attendees need to prepare their notebooks to the workshop (download programs/install browsers, learn more about topic etc.)

As deeper requirements are as bigger success a workshop will have.


  • Installations: 
    • All participant must have an AWS account with administrative permissions. New accounts which are eligible for AWS Free tier can be created here:
    • For editing and authoring code files you should have your IDE or text editor of choice installed


  • Technical knowledge:

    • Prior knowledge with AWS is a plus but not a must
    •  Should be able to read code written in Python, or similar programming language.


This is a general syllabus and in case of an in-house training, it is possible to make the necessary adjustments to make it more appropriate for your organization’s specific needs.