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1 day

Agile Engineering
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Docker for Developers

1 day

Docker for Developers

Did software evolution make your life complicated?
Can you honestly say that isolating services has made your life simple?
Do you constantly need to maintain VMs, reinstall applications and start and stop services just to write a few lines of code?

Meet Docker, the tool that can simply let you do your job. Automate (almost) anything without maintaining multiple VMs. The result: leaving you with time, peace of mind and the confidence that the environment you deploy in production is as close as possible to your development machine. Gone are the days of “works-on-my-machine” train of thought.

What will you learn? We’ll start with Docker basics, how to run and build images and then learn about composition, how multiple containers can communicate and share data.


Target Audience

  • Tech Leads
  • Developers



  • At least 1 year of experience developing software



By the end of this workshop you will:

  • Understand Docker
  • Build and Run Containers
  • Compose and control multiple containers



  • Introduction to Docker
    • What is Docker?
    • Why Docker for Developers?
  • Docker Basics
    • Filesystems, Layers, Images, Containers
    • Networks
    • Volumes
    • Controlling Containers
  • Running our first Docker container
  • Building our first Docker container
  • Orchestration for Developers
    • Docker Compose
    • Linking Containers
    • Container Configuration practices

Requirements for attending the workshop:

  • Laptop with Docker installed in one of the following configurations:
    • Linux installed natively on the machine
    • Linux Virtual Machine in HyperV, VirtualBox or VMWare
    • Docker Desktop for Windows in Linux Containers Mode (
    • docker-machine
  • Make sure you’re ready for class by running:
    docker run -it ubuntu
    You should get an ubuntu terminal session
  • A favorite text editor to edit your Docker files, I personally prefer Visual Studio Code with Docker extension
  • Git installation


This is a general syllabus and in case of an in-house training, it is possible to make the necessary adjustments to make it more appropriate for your organization’s specific needs.